Saturday, October 18, 2014

Baby V | Cincinnati Baby and Maternity Photographer

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Two weeks ago, I went to this wonderful couple's house to take maternity shots.  It was a nice day and the photos turned out great.  Mom-to-be was so sweet…as I was leaving, she RUNS down the very long driveway to give me some homemade pumpkin biscotti!  YUM!  She was getting pretty close to her due date, and after that long jog down the driveway, I figured I'd better edit these photos quick!  So the next morning I emailed her the password to her gallery, but….I was too late!!  Little Baby V was born about 12 hours after I left!!  I couldn't believe it!  So, a week later, I went back to meet him.  What a cutie :)  And, I left with another sweet treat…caramelized pecans!

Grandma grew this pumpkin especially for Baby V so we just had to include it! :)

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